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Mattjr125 13 days ago

Caesar Salad

It was amazing and the service was even better!

Noah 18 days ago

Espresso Smoked Duck Breast

The espresso smoked duck breast was absolutely exquisite! The medallions were cooked to perfection and served on a bed of roasted vegetables and mashed potatoes. I never knew duck could be so delicious!

Jazmynpaige18 22 days ago

Pasta Primavera

I have eaten many dishes at Bella Italia, but I love the pasta primavera with a light, creamy sauce, plenty of fresh vegetables and yummy chicken. One of my favorites here: it's lighter—but plenty filling—and fresh and full of flavor! And I always order my salad with the Gorgonzola dressing; you don't want to miss it. I've never been disappointed with the food here.

Lori 26 days ago

Pasta Primavera

Another dish boyfriends ordered and I sampled. So good with the Smoaked Salmon added! The sauce is perfectly balanced and totally enhances the salmon. Rich yet light and a true treat to the palate. Yet another High Recommendaation from us.

Lori 26 days ago

Quattro Formaggi

Another boyfriend FAVE! He ordered this and the seemingly small but actually loaded pizza filled him up! The cheese blends were so perfect along with a perfect crust and just right sauce. I was having Steamers but had a bite and was amazed how great this was. I probably would have had two meals If I'd ordered but for a guy with a bigger appetite, it and a draft beer was perfect for an early dinner. Yet another High Recommendation!

Lori 26 days ago

Tuscan Steak

Wow! One of the rare times I forgo my beloved Cioppino I selected the Tuscan Steak. Was NOT disappointed! The steak melted in my mouth with such delicious flavors of rosemary and maybe a nice hint of garlic. Grilled veggies were just right and I devoured every bit of those garlic potatoes, even much better with the juices from the steak! Another High Recommendations!

Lori 26 days ago

Caesar Salad

One of the best Caesar Salads I've had! I passed on the anchovies and had a small - which was plenty since I still had my main course coming. So tasty, crunchy with a wonderful dressing with just the right amount of garlic and citrus. The pear was delish, too! Highlyy Recommended.

Lori 26 days ago

Steamed Mussels and/or Clams

My FAVE anitpasti! Chef manages the perfect balance of flavorful broth with the delicate flavors of the slightly sweet mussels and tender clams. If only they served it with slices of toasted (slightly) garlic toast to mop up that killer broth! They do provide yummy fresh bread, though, so still a win-win for your tastebuds. Highly Recommended!

Bieners 26 days ago

Pasta Primavera

Very good flavor!

Dptucks6 about 1 month ago


Have been wanting to try it since we stopped in one day for a glass of wine. So decided on it for my Birthday. So glad the original restaurant I had wanted was closed on Tuesday. It was a great experience, From the wine tasting to the desert. Atmosphere Staff and good was excellent. Bella Italia we'll definitely be on our favorite list😍

Carrieaflores about 2 months ago

Filetto Di Manzo

This was one of the best meals I ever had. Every time we go there the food is cooked to perfection and nicely arranged on the plate. The service has always been great. The restaurant has a nice atmosphere with music playing softly not blaring like a lot of places these days. I always recommend them to my friends.

Melaniepaxman 3 months ago

Bella's Mushroom Ravioli

The restaurant is very quaint. The ravioli was too good to be true! One of my favorite dishes of Port Angeles! Looking forward to going again.

Diana 4 months ago

Bella's Mushroom Ravioli

I have lived in the PNW for twenty years and eaten Mushroom ravioli all over Oregon and Washington. Bella Italia has the BEST mushroom ravioli anywhere. The portion is generous, the sauce is flavorful, and the amount of locally sourced mushrooms you get -- both in the pasta and in the sauce -- is amazing. This is a MUST HAVE if you like mushrooms. You won't find better in the most expensive restaurants in Seattle or Portland. I have driven more than an hour each way just to have Bella Italia's delicious food and in ten years I've never had a bad experience.

Jacklyn 5 months ago

Bella's Mushroom Ravioli

My personal favorite meal is your mushroom ravioli - literally of all time. Any time we visit Port Angeles, I insist on going to Bella Italia. I love the atmosphere and the experience. I first visited Bella Italia back during the Twilight craze years ago when I lived in California. It had a lasting impression on me after all of these years. I live in Gig Harbor now so we can get stop by a few times a year. My husband and I always enjoy dinning in and enjoy your delicious food. Thank you!

Anaweatherton 6 months ago


Exquisite sauce and amazing hospitality. These are very hardworking servers and the atmosphere feels elegant.

Nic 6 months ago

Antipasto Assortito

A great starter for a great dinner. We came in to spend some time and overall it didn't disappoint. Some places pile on a bunch of cheap filler items and hand a you platter that could be dinner. This dish was a nice variety of high quality/tasty ingredients. Probably what I liked best was that it was reasonable sized, for one as a hearty app, or esp for just two people to nibble. There isn't a place to review the wine list, but that is great also. The 'short list' with the menu is nice, but it you are at all interested in wine, ask for the bigger list. Between the two, they have something for everyone and across the price spectrum.

Hendrickgrall 6 months ago

Espresso Smoked Duck Breast

i highly recommend this dish; the potatoes complemented it well; yet, i wish i had asked to substitute the cauliflower and kale to go alongside the duck.

Kaj 6 months ago

Bella's Mushroom Ravioli

I'm not going to lie, I almost always have the mushroom ravioli when I come to Bella with my wife, or the entire family. I'm usually more adventurous with the desserts, and get a "special". We've been coming here on every trip we take from Los Angeles for over 10 years, usually Christmas time, Spring Break, and summer break. The amazing thing is the consistent quality of the food, and refreshingly authentic friendliness and warmness of the staff. Looking forward to a repeat next week!

Angelswhisper 15 days ago

Chicken Breast Saltimbocca

I usually order the Manicotti because it is always delicious . I tried something different tonight celebrating my birthday with friends from Medford, Or . It was wonderful. Great wine list. Superb service as usual . Impressive salads to choose from , which I appreciate . Had a wonderful dining experience tonight. We skipped the desert tonight , but I usually order the tiramisu , which is amazing ! So glad that I have Bella Italia to always look forward to for a "special" evening .

Naarski 21 days ago

Espresso Smoked Duck Breast

I was so thrilled to see duck on a Italian restaurant menu! It was cooked perfectly, medium rare and a bit crispy on outside. I ate it in like 2 minutes because I was hungry and it was delicious. As for the side dish, I annoyingly asked for veggies vs the garlic mashed potatoes. The veggie medley they put together hit the spot and went very well with the duck. I can't recommend this place enough!

Amyperez 24 days ago

Bella's Mushroom Ravioli

when I was 12, I was obsessed with twilight, I would stay up all day & night just reading the novels. When I finally got the opportunity to visit port angles & forks I knew I had to try the world famous mushroom ravioli! And boy was I impressed! Still crave it to this day. A for sure try if you find yourself in this beautiful area.

Lori 26 days ago

Clam Linguine

Another wonderful meal with a great balance of sauce, pasta, and seafood - clams. Clams, as many seafoods, have a delicate flavor and it can be easy to over power them but Bella Italia knows just how to do this right! You taste the clams, the sauce, and the pasta which holds it all together. So very good and I Highly Recommend this one too!

Lori 26 days ago

Dungeness Crab Cakes

My boyfriends absolute FAVE! He's allowed me a sample bite of two and I can attest these are to-die-for delicious. Loaded with crab you can taste and see and blended with amazing spices that totally enhance the crab and add a wonderful flavor and subtle heat. The sauce is a tad spicy for me but he just inhales every bit! Beautiful and a taste you can't beat. Highly Recommended.

Lori 26 days ago


THE BEST!!! I'll admit, I am a Cioppino snob. And I now live in a town that serves the absolute best Cioppino I've ever had. Normally, I can eat all the seafood in one sitting but, not from Bella Italia! I usually have at least a second and sometimes a third meal off this. Not an easy dish but Chef gets the balance of slightly spicy broth that only enhances all those rich yet delicate seafoods - shrimp, scallops, mussels, crab and fresh fish/salmon. Always my first choice and sometimes I have to "force" myself to pick another delish entree! Recommend with LOVE! New Years Eve we were here again and yes, I had the Cioppino again! Heaven, utter heaven. With a killer Chianti and fella had the Crab Cakes again. He also had the Tsamiso (sp?) dessert and loved it. Very light and flavorful. Another fabulous evening. Thank you, Bella Italia! You never disappoint.

Lori 26 days ago


So yummy - and nearly a meal! While all ingredients are fresh and light, there is certainly plenty to share. Soft, fresh ggrilled bread with super fresh tomatoes and basil with just the right amount of garlic and olive oil. Another High Recommendation.

Bieners 26 days ago

Fettucine Al Carbonara

This is very tasty. The nutty rich sauce is delicious! Had the mussels as an appetizer. Would recommend those as well.

Annfmonk about 1 month ago

Espresso Smoked Duck Breast

We drive all the way out here every year for New Years Eve, and I always get the calamari, the smoked duck breast and the chocolate mousse. One of my favorite restaurants in the whole world and I love everything on the menu, to be honest. But the duck breast is really quite fabulous - and the chocolate mousse is TO DIE FOR!!!

Trisha about 2 months ago

Smoked Salmon Fettucine

I love this place! Bella Italia is so warm and inviting. It's a welcome change of pace for date nights, special anniversaries, or if you're feeling extra Italian one night. The smoked salmon fettuccine is what I get most of the time I go because I LOVE IT. The pasta is cooked perfectly and unlike a lot of 'smoked' salmon dishes I've had before, the salmon in this dish has that actual smoked flavor I am looking for. Pairing it with a white wine and friends is sure to be a great night at Bella Italia. The food is great, The staff are awesome, and the atmosphere can't be matched.

Tsm about 2 months ago

Pasta Primavera

Their Pasta Primavera is simple and delicious; all the flavors stand out individually, yet blend together so well you'll think you've gone to heaven! Their sauces are masterpieces of Italian cuisine.

Mustafaaa21 4 months ago

Bella's Mushroom Ravioli

unless you hate mushrooms GET THIS!!! i'm not crazy about mushrooms but i don't hate them, so i got this dish, which is something i wouldn't normally get. i'll admit i only got it because it's famous and i didn't know what to get (i'm not even a twilight fan) but i don't regret it one bit. the mushroom is diced up small and it has a nice flavor. it's also a reasonable portion size so you can finish it in one sitting. this pasta is actually pretty good and i'm upset i don't live locally so i can get it again. i believe they sell it by the can because it's so popular so i'll definitely get that when i'm back in town.

Liz828 5 months ago

Bella's Mushroom Ravioli

Its SO good! I have never had better anywhere.

Dian 5 months ago

Chicken Marsala

This is the absolute best chicken Marsala that I have ever had. Can't wait to go back and try other dishes. This place is well worth the money.

Nic 6 months ago

Tuscan Steak

Had this last week, and it was wonderful. I can guess part of what's in the marinade, but there is some secret sauce also and it works. The meat was tender and cooked to order. Sides were well prepared and also tasty. I'd definitely order this again. Be sure to save room for desert too. We had the ougat gelato and it was heavenly!

Nic 6 months ago

Espresso Smoked Duck Breast

Had this dish last week and it was wonderful! The plate presented was pretty close to this picture - which is less common than you'd think. Squash was great, mashed potatoes were very tasty (a bit thick, but that's a purely personal pref). The main event was cooked perfectly and honestly some of the tastiest duck meat I've had. If I have one critique for the piece I was served - I wish the skin had been split and rendered a bit more crispy. Not sure of the reality of doing that and keeping the smoked meat as perfect as it was.... Anyway - overall this was def a 4.5 out of 5 dish!

Amy 6 months ago

Veal Marsala

The flavor melts in your mouth with each tender bite! I recommend this dish and Bella's Mushroom Ravioli. This restaurant has a wonderful atmosphere and great staff. Look forward to going back.

Donaghayd 7 months ago


I absolutely love the lasagna at this place! Also I am crazy about the Carbonara fettuccine! My husband and I usually get both and share! Good selection of wines to pair with any dish! Great atmosphere, and wonderful customer service!


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